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2022 FRI Public Utility Symposium - "Public Utilities and the Infrastructure Plan"

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Location: Memorial Student Unions at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
The 2022 FRI Symposium will include the following 4 panels:

National Electrification: What It Means to Electrify and Ways To Achieve It: As policy adapts to address climate change, it demands a major transformation of the energy sector to rely on renewable generation of electricity. The recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Build Back Better Act both promote electrification goals. But, what exactly is electrification? This panel will discuss what electrification will look like for America, what sectors will be impacted and what this might mean for consumers. Industry experts will explore channels provided by the government, through these Acts, aimed to accomplish electrification goals and identify remaining barriers.

Managing the Potential Consequences of Waste Removal: Both the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Build Back Better Act serve as possible avenues for improvement and restructuring of the utility sector. Included in such plans are removal of industry stressors, such as nuclear waste, hazardous “forever chemicals”, lead pipes, etc. While addressing the vulnerability of the nation's utility assets is crucial, it must be not come at the cost of our communities. There are often over-looked consequences from such well-intentioned goals. Industry experts will discuss innovative approaches for controlling the aftermath of waste removal. This panel will ask, “what do we do with all this waste?” and investigate the scalability of preexisting technology.

Ensuring Resilience Amongst Grid Modernization and Clean Energy Transition: While new technology and advanced infrastructure lead to a cleaner, more modern utility sector, it also becomes a vulnerable sector. As Cyber-attacks are at an all-time high, the industry emphasizes the need for stricter national electricity and broadband reliability standards and the establishment of water and gas security standards. This panel will assess the risks of the existing systems and explore possible solutions. These experts will investigate the vulnerabilities resulting from grid modernization without proper reliability measures.

Perspectives From Within the Industry: CEO’s from each utility sector will join us for a well-rounded discussion encompassing all of the day’s topics. These industrial leaders will provide insight on how each of these government focal points, electrification, waste removal, and resilience, will ultimately affect key utility sector players. This diverse dialogue will divulge insider perspectives on significant utility transformations, isolated from regulators and officials.

Registration begins this summer.

Contact: Cheryl Byrd, 573-882-3800, byrdch@missouri.edu

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