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NARUC Calls for Administration to Fill Federal Slots with State Regulators

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For Immediate Release: July 19, 2018

Contact: Regina Davis, 202-898-9382,


NARUC Calls for Administration to Fill Federal Slots with State Regulators

Policy Summit Highlights NARUC Advocacy

SCOTTSDALE—The Board of Directors of National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners passed several policy resolutions at its Summer Policy Summit held July 15-18 in Scottsdale, Arizona, including a call for the Trump Administration to consider filling vacant federal commission slots with current or former state utility regulators.

The conference, marked by a focus on water-energy nexus panels, innovative approaches to regulation and an array of utility issues, was attended by nearly a thousand representatives from state utility commissions, industry groups, consumer groups and researchers.

Formally titled Resolution Urging the Administration to Appoint State Commissioners to Open Vacancies at FERC and Federal Agencies, the resolution affirms the value of state regulators, noting that “…state commissioners are well positioned to help any administration fine tune policy to maximize opportunities in that sector” and they “…have implemented policies that have been the prototype for cutting-edge congressional or federal agency initiatives.”

Other resolutions passed include:

  • Resolution Supporting Infrastructure Modernization Programs
  • Resolution on Task Force for Reviewing the Connectivity and Technology Needs of Precision Agriculture in the United States
  • Resolution to Implement a Properly Functioning and Consumer-Friendly Federal Lifeline National Eligibility Verifier As Soon As Possible 
  • Resolution on FCC Release of Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Separations     
  • Resolution Opposing Proposed Expansion of the IP CTS Contribution                     

The full slate of substantive resolutions are available at Several honorary resolutions were passed as well (

At the closing general session, NARUC President John (‘Jack’) Betkoski III reminded the audience of the association’s long history of advocacy.

“NARUC has a long and successful history of advocacy protecting state jurisdiction and advancing specific member sanctioned policy goals in Congress, in the Courts, and before federal agencies,” he said.

The association continues to attract panelists nationally and internationally recognized, including federal representatives such as Department of Energy Assistant Secretary Bruce J. Walker, who prepared a video message (due to an unforeseen flight delay) stressing that states play a crucial role in cyber security and protecting the infrastructure. He urged regulators to be attentive to requests for infrastructure investments from utilities in rate cases. 

NARUC will host its Annual Meeting and Education Conference November 11-14 in Orlando, Fla.



NARUC is a non-profit organization founded in 1889 whose members include the governmental agencies that are engaged in the regulation of utilities and carriers in the fifty States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. NARUC's member agencies regulate telecommunications, energy, and water utilities. NARUC represents the interests of State public utility commissions before the three branches of the Federal government.