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NARUC Recognizes Regulatory Innovation at Annual Meeting and Education Conference

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For Immediate Release: November 12, 2018

Contact: Scott Bolden, 202-898-8083,

ORLANDO—The National Association of Regulatory and Utility Commissioners honored regulatory and industry innovators during the opening general ceremony at its Annual Meeting and Education Conference. The Innovation Awards reflect NARUC’s commitment to promoting the exchange of knowledge and information that will benefit innovation in regulatory issues. The Awards recognize innovators in the various utility sectors.

Facilitated by NARUC’s Task Force on Innovation and chaired by Illinois Commerce Commission Chair Brien Sheahan, the task force was established to assist the Association track, adapt and be resilient to new trends and opportunities to bring diverse technologies to utility regulation.

“Technological innovation and adaptation are imperative in the regulatory environment,” said NARUC President John Betkoski III of Connecticut. “I am once again grateful to Chairman Sheahan and members of the task force for providing a platform to showcase the most brilliant forward thinkers among regulators and industry.”

“The number of entries received this year reflects how rapidly technology is changing,” said Sheahan. “I would like to thank the nominators and nominees, as well as NARUC for the support and guidance from its leadership and staff for ensuring another successful awards program.”

The winners of the 2018 NARUC Innovation Awards are:

  • Regulatory and Policy Innovation: Chairman Asim Haque, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio; Member, NARUC Executive Committee and Board of Directors
  • Technical Innovation
    • Electricity Industry: Antenna Group for Green Lots
    • Water Industry: San Jose Water for their Montevina Ultrafiltration Plant
    • Gas Industry: Gas Technology Institute for their Voluntary Information-Sharing System

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NARUC is a non-profit organization founded in 1889 whose members include the governmental agencies that are engaged in the regulation of utilities and carriers in the fifty States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. NARUC's member agencies regulate telecommunications, energy, and water utilities. NARUC represents the interests of State public utility commissions before the three branches of the Federal government.