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Energy Generation

The energy generation mix is swiftly changing as consumers use energy in novel ways and new technologies become increasingly competitive with conventional resources. State utility regulators are charged with maintaining a safe, affordable, and reliable energy system while considering innovations and customer desires for a cleaner, flexible, and more resilient grid. As the energy portfolio changes, state regulators are also key stakeholders in efforts to support communities that have historically hosted energy production infrastructure. NARUC CPI provides members with timely and relevant resources to enhance their knowledge of energy generation investment options via site visits to generation infrastructure and R&D facilities, briefing papers, virtual and in-person exchange opportunities, access to technical experts, and more. These efforts are closely coordinated with the NARUC Gas Committee, Electricity Committee, Subcommittee on Nuclear Issues and Waste Management, and Subcommittee on Coal and Carbon Management.

The bulk power system includes utility-scale generation resources and transmission to move that electricity to load centers and the distribution grid. Obligated with ensuring safe, reliable, and affordable services for customers in their states, public utility commissions have an inherent interest in and responsibility for understanding and supporting a robust bulk power system. As the electricity system is changing, new issues, challenges, and opportunities are arising at the bulk power system level and between the distribution system and bulk power system. These issues can include resource adequacy, system stability, system reliability, market design, electricity planning, impacts of distributed energy resources and storage on the bulk power system, and more. Learn more.

The market for coal-fired electricity has significantly evolved in recent decades, with coal’s share of generation falling across the country. However, coal-fired power is an important resource in many states, and public utility commissions have an interest in understanding opportunities for the U.S. coal fleet to evolve. The U.S. Department of Energy and NARUC established a Coal Modernization and Carbon Management Partnership as a cooperative effort to highlight new technology and regulatory approaches to improving the environmental and economic performance of coal-fired power plants, understand new market opportunities for coal byproducts, and increase the deployment of carbon capture, utilization, and storage projects. Learn more.

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Given technological advances in nuclear generation and increasing state interest in retaining and encouraging zero-emission nuclear power, NARUC CPI manages a Nuclear Energy Partnership with support from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy. Through this Partnership, NARUC provides opportunities for state public utility commissioners and commission staff to better understand barriers and opportunities related to the U.S. nuclear fleet. NARUC educates and informs state commissioners and staff on important issues surrounding the use of nuclear energy technologies. This partnership includes analysis on policy and regulatory issues related to existing and new nuclear generation that help produce educational briefs, workshops, and informational forums aimed at NARUC's state membership. Learn More.


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The nation's natural gas infrastructure transports gas to homes, buildings, industrial customers and utilities for use in heating and electric power generation. Public utility commissions are responsible for assuring the safety, reliability and efficiency of the natural gas distribution network. The U.S. Department of Energy and NARUC established a Natural Gas Partnership (NGP) as a cooperative effort to understand emerging technologies and regulatory options for enhancing commission oversight of natural gas utilities. Learn More.

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