Regulating Clean Energy International Partnership Program

With the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), NARUC launched the Regulating Clean Energy International Partnership Program to provide targeted capacity building for foreign regulators to enable them to make tangible progress toward clean energy goals. The program was based on NARUC’s report Encouraging Renewable Energy Development: A Handbook For International Energy Regulators, which provided best practices and case studies on how to support an expanding fleet of renewable energy resources.

The program broadly provided trainings and informational resources to energy regulators in developing countries with a focus on common lessons learned in implementing clean energy projects. The program featured technical workshops in the Americas and Africa on renewable energy development and key regulatory concepts to support renewable deployment. These workshops provided the framework for identifying regional and country-specific challenges and developing customized approaches through internships, national policy forums and peer reviews.

The program produced significant results in The Gambia, Mexico, and Guatemala, with broader progress seen through engagement regionally.

At A Glance

Project Dates: 2010-2014 (Closed)

Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission
The Gambian Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
Guatemala National Electric Energy Commission

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